Miquael the Groomer

Miquael, born and raised in Los Angeles, began his career in 2015 as a Veterinary Technician at Mid Valley Vet Hospital. Currently, he is now a full time technician at Van Nuys Vet Clinic. Since taking on this career path, Miquael quickly knew he wanted to be of service to animals and opened his own grooming business. More often than not, you may also find Chowder & Kimchi as companions during your appointments! Chowder, a Siamese Tabby, and Kimchi, a boxer, both around 1 years old love to accompany their human father, Miquael.

Aside from making animals health and hygiene a priority, Miquael also strives to educated animal owners. With years of experience as a Veterinary Technician, Miquael is also able to administer medication and provide a brief diagnosis such as: dermatitis, fleas, ear infections, and more. The love, admiration, and patience Miquael has for all animal types and ages makes him the most reputable groomer in the valley.