Why you shouldn't brush your dogs hair, especially if it's long.

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Hopefully you came in outrage after reading our title. We don't mean it. You should ALWAYS brush your dogs hair, even if it's long or short hair. We recommend brushing 2-3 times a week and length of time will depend on each others comfort. Your buddy might have to learn to love it at first and that's okay, patience is everything -- they'll learn to love it! In the beginning, we recommend you start off with a short amount of time and slowly increase the time each session. Brushing your dogs hair has so many benefits and it's a perfect way to bond with and inspect your furry animal(s).

Bonding & Inspecting

The time you spend brushing your furry friend forces you to be close and personal with them. This time is perfect to also learn their bodies and check out any abnormal lumps, scratches, or infections. They can't talk to us and tell us when they're hurt or have something wrong. Therefore, it's important to do our part and make sure everything is in order. If this is something that isn't in your routine, it's never too late to start. To some it may seem like a chore, but the payoff will be worth it when you see the little smile and intimate time you'll both share. You'll also find yourself looking forward to your next brushing session, it's very relaxing for the both of you.

Preventative Care

When you create this routine you also prevent your animal from getting tangled/matted hair, discomfort, infection, and skin damage. Often times when we go without brushing their hair and grooming, we don't realize the damage that is behind all the hair. Depending on how badly matter your dogs hair may be an entire fur shave down may be necessary. And during cold seasons this isn't a fun experience to have shaved fur. The easy, best, and cheapest solution is to brush your animals fur! Yes, even if you routinely take your dogs to the groomers you should still brush them.

Skin Care & Shedding

Our furry animals, just like us, produce dead skin cells that can be brushed off. If your furry friend is a heavy shedder, this will definitely help reduce the amount of hair that flys around the house. You will also begin to notice a difference in their fur (healthier, shinier, and no matted hair!).

Let us know if you're just getting started incorporating hair brushing into your routines! How was your dogs reaction? Did you find comfort in the time you spent bonding with your dog?

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